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We believe there’s a better way to treat people — what we affectionately call “The Harwood Way”: treating people with respect, listening well and always working hard in our clients’ best interests. It is a culture of hard work, knowledge, structure, and of believing in better and striving to achieve it.

Robert Harwood Founder, Managing Partner

Robert started Harwood Financial Group with a simple goal in mind: be better than the other financial institutions he’s worked with. It isn’t enough to look at a portfolio and dispense generic advice, in his mind; to offer truly sound financial planning, one needs to look at the individual and tailor a plan to their specific needs.


Michael Bartolotta, ChFC® CEO, Managing Partner

Michael brings a wealth of experience to the table, along with a versatile skill set and a unique management style. Starting off in a basic sales position over twenty years ago, he learned the business and made his way to a partner position with a small marketing organization in Hartford. When it was bought by Arthur J. Gallagher in 2003 he struck out on his own to found his own startup, M3 Financial Inc. Starting from scratch with a single employee, in just five years he was at the head of a top 10 national annuity distributor and had generated over $15m of revenue.


Mike Sorrentino, CFA® Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner

Mike was highly visible in the financial sector even before joining Harwood Financial Group, acting as CIO of a firm that oversaw $6 billion in assets and serviced several hundred financial advisors nationwide. He has also served as Vice President at Barclays Capital and Sanford C. Bernstein in New York City, where he worked alongside hedge funds and institutional managers to direct several hundred billion dollars in assets.

Remy Bartolotta Managing Partner

Remy has a cumulative 15 years of experience in the financial services space, encompassing a variety of roles. Starting in an entry-level position, he accumulated knowledge quickly, acquiring a robust skillset in product marketing, brand development, and operations.

He later served as partner to the startup insurance distribution firm M3 Financial, Inc. and, with Remy's guidance, it grew from a startup firm into a nationally-recognized entity with a reputation for ingenuity and breaking the mold. Its success and profitability garnered the attention of multiple private equity firms, and was ultimately acquired in 2016.

Kevin A. | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Kevin Arquette

Financial Advisor, CFP®

Kevin | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Kevin Harwood

Financial Advisor

Ryan | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Ryan Dixon

Financial Advisor

Harrison | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Harrison Moore

Financial Advisor

Chris | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Chris Hodgson

Financial Advisor

Zach | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Zach Long


Erik Schneider

Operations Liaison

Liz | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Liz Leeseberg

Client Services Specialist

Matt Krueger

Assistant Portfolio Manager

Gloria Bartolotta

Marketing Manager

Maria Sweezy

Office Manager

Nicholas Pace

Marketing Coordinator

Igor Schattan

Wealth Management Analyst

Nikhil Ponnanna

Wealth Management Analyst


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