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We believe there’s a better way to treat people — what we affectionately call “The Harwood Way”: treating people with respect, listening well and always working hard in our clients’ best interests. It is a culture of hard work, knowledge, structure, and of believing in better and striving to achieve it.

Robert Harwood Founder, President

What I Believe – Our Mission

I started Harwood Financial Group to provide an intimate, personal service dedicated to helping clients grow and manage long-term wealth. We do not strive to be like other financial firms; that would just not be good enough. Our goal is to stand out in a crowded market.

Together, we will create a financial plan that is centered on your personal goals and aspirations. Our team will design, employ and implement your plan, reporting to you on a regular basis.


Paige Gunn Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Paige Gunn focuses on portfolio management and investment advising for Harwood Financial Group, as well as implementing financial plans and conducting interim performance reviews with clients to track plan implementation. She can also be heard on some of the Harwood radio commercials and shows and is a great resource for investment questions and performance details.

Kevin Arquette

Financial Advisor, CFP®

Kevin Harwood

Financial Advisor

Ryan Dixon

Financial Advisor

Harrison Moore

Financial Advisor

Adria Demeo, CRPC®

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Chris Hodgson

Wealth Planning Analyst

Nicole Phelan

Portfolio Assistant

Ismael Diaz


Chase Dunn

Data Analyst

Matthew Gamache

Client Services Specialist

Leslie Husarenko

Client Services Specialist

Liz Leeseberg

Client Services Specialist

James McCormick

Lead Communications Coordinator

Ashley Querfeld

Communications Coordinator

Zach Long


Michelle Schleich

Client Services Specialist

Tiffany Bock

Communications Coordinator

Kendi Cozzo

Communications Coordinator


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