What is The Harwood Way?

We believe there’s a better way to treat people — something we affectionately call “The Harwood Way”: treating people with respect, listening well and always working hard in your best interests.


The Harwood Way is about achieving your personal financial goals and retiring with confidence — without worrying if tomorrow will be a good or bad day in the markets. At Harwood Financial Group, we walk alongside you, helping you to plot your path, follow your strategy and give you guidance along the way.

Once you experience The Harwood Way — and see what it’s like to work with a team who truly cares about your well-being — we’re confident you won’t settle for anything else!

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    We work with people just like you.

    Unfortunately, too many people don’t get the “right” financial guidance and risk not accomplishing their financial goals. Of those who do make it securely through retirement, some will get there simply because they were lucky. But most will have created more financial security because they had a strategy. They will have saved and invested and grown their money AND have done what they could to help protect it from unnecessary risks and fees.

    Successful retirees also work with financial advisors who take the time to get to know them, who communicate clearly and help them navigate their way. Advisors who have a fiduciary responsibility to watch out for the best interests of their clients — not the interests of some big brokerage firm.

    If you’re looking for a better way to pursue your financial goals, the team at Harwood Financial Group is here to help. We’re used to working with people who like to succeed — people like you. We also know how to set a thoughtful course — it’s what we do, and we do it well.

    As investment specialists, retirement advisors, insurance professionals and financial planners, we will take a holistic approach and integrate your finances, taxes, insurance and estate planning needs to align with your personal goals. In today’s world, we don’t want to lose any opportunities to grow and preserve your money.

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    Your personal “Retirement Navigator”

    The written financial road map we will develop for you is called your “Retirement Navigator” — a strategy that helps you navigate the often choppy waters of investing, growing and preserving your money.

    Your Retirement Navigator is specifically designed for you, based on your goals, objectives and needs. It will provide you with asset protection and tax-reduction strategies, stress-test your current investments to uncover unnecessary risks you may not be aware of, and give you investment recommendations to help you keep your finances on track. What’s more, our easy-to-access tracking tools will help you track your progress every step of the way.

    This is The Harwood Way: As fiduciaries, we offer you a clearly communicated, written strategy and investment guidance that is always in your best interest.

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    Constant improvement is second nature

    We've learned to always have a plan, to remain flexible and make adjustments as necessary, and that even small improvements can make a significant difference over time. Harwood Financial Group is all about constantly improving on what we believe to be the right approach to investing and financial management.

    Our program is based on full transparency — no secrets or hidden fees. We make it easy for you to know what you are paying and how you are doing financially.

    Wherever you are now, we can help you get to where you want to be. Let us show you a better way to enjoy the financial future you’ve been looking for.


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