Get to Know Zach Long

Zach | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Zach Long

Zach discovered his enthusiasm for the financial world early on, deciding during a college internship that he wanted to make it his career. He found joy in helping people find the best path to success for their individual circumstances and continues to develop that talent as part of the team at Harwood.

Zach’s day-to-day includes researching the best ways for clients to best reach their goals, by finding investment strategies that work with their risk tolerance and current assets. Zach’s most defining trait, though, is his efficiency; he’s known around the office for his ability to complete a task – or build a spreadsheet that completes the task for him – with lightning speed.

In his personal time, Zach is a tremendous sports fan, whether that means reading, watching, or playing. He can also be found spending time with friends around a bonfire or at his church or local youth camp, where he often volunteers.