Get to Know Nikhil Ponnanna


Nikhil Ponnanna

Nikhil is relatively new to the financial sector, having spent 13 years in software engineering in India. He spent time designing training programs for clients in the corporate and education sectors before launching a custom training solutions company in 2013.

He made his way to the United States in 2019, working in tech sales, before connecting with Harwood Financial. He was drawn to the Harwood team’s vision and their passion for achieving it, and is optimistic about his future here. He currently is responsible for connecting with qualified prospects, gathering data about their goals and pain points so that they can be served most effectively. His goal is to be a full-fledged financial planner in the near future.

Nikhil is a great communicator, with fluency in five languages. He enjoys basketball, and is an accomplished musician; he was a resident vocalist for All India Radio as well as lead vocalist for a successful band. He and his wife Nithya enjoy watching movies together, as well as taking walks with their dog Yogi.