Get to Know Nicole Phelan

Nicole | Harwood Financial Group, financial planners Tampa Bay, FL

Nicole Phelan

Since joining the team as a portfolio assistant last fall, Nicole spends her time researching, managing and analyzing data — and understanding that the devil is in the details.

A native New Yorker raised in a family of Wall Street executives, Nicole grew up hearing about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, mortgage loan origination and more over dinner. She also helped her father to manage their family’s investment portfolio.

“Quite literally, every dollar earned or lost went into or out of the pocket of someone very dear to me,” Nicole says. “Harwood Financial Group’s clients are just like those family members to me now. I want to do my best to help this firm preserve and grow our clients’ assets.”

Before graduating from Rollins College with a Bachelor of Arts in business management, Nicole conducted an independent research study analyzing the financial performance and customer engagement of over 500 small- to medium-sized organizations, which she presented at a doctoral conference.

Nicole loves travel and is an amateur race car driver. When she’s not exploring other cultures or reducing her lap times on track, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family in Florida. She also loves hanging out with Dolce, a Schnauzer-Poodle mix, and Milo, a Maltese.