Get to Know Igor Schattan


Igor Schattan

Igor Schattan was born in Brazil and came to the United States in 2015 for his high school education. He has played high-level tennis since an early age, and his athletic career has taught him how to have a competitive nature in everything he does as well as how to be a team player and to support people around him. It taught him how to break through challenges and to always possess conduct of discipline while working towards his goals. From the first day he stepped onto this country, he aimed to reach new heights through professional development.

During his years as a USF Bull, Igor interned at Franklin Templeton in the sales department and at Morgan Stanley in the wealth management division. These experiences – along with his coursework in finance, asset management, and his role as an equity research analyst at the USF Student Managed Investment Fund – equipped him with knowledge and the confidence necessary to excel in his future endeavors. Now, as a recent graduate, he is excited to continue contributing to the Tampa community as he embarks on his professional journey at the Harwood Financial Group. In his current full-time position, he seeks to connect with potential clients and analyzes their financial information based on investable assets and their needs and objectives, such as long-term investments, tax and risk-reduction strategies, and estate planning. He then uses this information to appoint clients to suitable financial advisors within the company.

In his free time, Igor enjoys surfing, playing chess, and reading.