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Episode 5 – How to Navigate a Market Detox

Sometimes people do a detox to get their bodies back on track. Should the financial markets do the same? Robert Harwood believes that the market is due for a detox. Today, he explains why the market is in need of…

Episode 4 – Your Retirement Financial Gut Check

You can’t hit your retirement goals unless those goals are clearly articulated. With that in mind, do you have defined goals that are leading you to win at retirement? In this episode, Robert Harwood teaches you how to give your…

Episode 3 – How to Navigate Market Mood Swings

As we begin to see volatility in the markets, more people are wondering why the markets are acting this way and what they can expect in the future. Today, Robert Harwood is here to answer your burning market questions. Robert…

Episode 2 – Are You in the Dark About Your 401(k)?

When it comes to 401(k)s, many people are in the dark and don’t know how to best navigate this type of retirement account to maximize their dollars. Today, Robert Harwood shines a light on what you need to know about…

Episode 1 – The Key Retirement Planning Steps Everyone Should Be Aware Of

While we often want to plan ahead in life, it’s easy to procrastinate — especially when it comes to retirement planning.  Robert Harwood believes one of the best ways to win at retirement is to have a good financial plan….


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