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What Do The Experts Think?

  • Some market participants see U.S. interest rates turning negative next year.
  • Interest rate predictions have a rather questionable track record.
  • Check any expert’s track record before assuming their opinion to be gospel.


Published on 5/15/20

Why So Negative?

  • Trillions in government debt currently trades with a negative yield.
  • Buying an investment with a negative yield locks in a loss if held to maturity.
  • The deeper countries go into negative territory, the more perverse the effects.


Published on 5/8/20

The April Paradox

  • The “April paradox” has many investors asking who keeps buying stocks.
  • The amount of uncertainty is almost impossible to quantify.
  • Perhaps there some who are looking well beyond 2020.


Published on 5/1/20

Don’t Throw Away The Instructions

  • West Texas Intermediate oil fell below zero on Monday to close.
  • ETFs – a popular way to invest in oil markets.
  • Investors in these products should read the instruction manual first.


Published on 4/24/20

Where’s Waldo?

Several investors are worried that the most recent pandemic, the Coronvirus, will infect their portfolios. While these concerns dominate headlines today, let’s take a step back and put these fears into context.


Published on 2/28/20

4 Simple Steps to Help Protect Against Identity Theft

Taking a few proactive measures now can potentially save you from a lot of headaches later.


Published on 12/18/18 by Kiplinger.com



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