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Is Disco Coming Back

  • Is the 1970’s style inflation coming back?
  • How should investors prepare their portfolio’s
  • Analyzing the upcoming supply and demand

Published on 03/29/21

When Every Instinct is Wrong

  • Discussion on Panic Selling
  • When to Run and When to FIght the Crowd and Hold Firm
  • How Seinfeld Can Help you Navigate the Stock Market!

Published on 03/15/21

High Class Problems

  • Discussion on Recent Market Volatility
  • Check-in on Strong Markets and Taxes
  • What the market is telling us right now, and why some people will not be happy.

Published on 03/05/21

Are We Due?

  • Are We Due for a Market Correction Soon
  • When Will a Correction Happen and What Should We Do
  • Looking Back on the Market Over the Years and Our Educated Guess

Published on 03/01/21

Reading Below the Orbits

  • Discussion on recent COVID data
  • Check-in on corporate earnings
  • What the bond market is telling us right now
  • Dogecoin and meme stock updates

Published on 02/15/21

Meme Stock Mania

  • What are Meme Stocks
  • Citadel Securities, Retail Brokers, and You
  • Could this Fuel Another dot com Bubble Burst?

Published on 02/08/21

When Will This Game End?

  • What is happening right now and what started this mayhem?
  • Why did Robinhood and other online brokers restrict clients from buying specific stocks yesterday?
  • Is this the beginning of another dot-com style bubble burst?
  • Is there a way to profit from all this volatility, and if so, how?

Published on 02/01/21

State of the Market

  • Discuss the implications of a Blue Wave in D.C.
  • Analyze the economy by weighing the headwinds against the tailwinds
  • Assess the health of key financial markets including equities, currency, and fixed income
  • Discuss why we remain bullish on equities and cautious on bonds
  • Explain how the current economic environment and key investment themes are informing  decisions in our portfolios

Published on 01/25/20

Was That A Good Idea?

  • Companies often make controversial decisions that involve politics, religion, and other hot button issues.
  • These decisions can impact the consumption of their products, services, and often even their stock price.
  • When companies don’t align with ideologies, it’s important to remove all emotion from the investment process.

Published on 01/15/20

Should Investors Fear The Blue Wave?

  • The surprise outcome in the Georgia Senate runoff this week certainly caught the attention of investors
  • Many fear that higher taxes and increased regulation could pose risk to their portfolios
  • While there may be some economic headwinds forming over the next two years, the tailwinds could be stronger and last longer.

Published on 12/21/20



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